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5 Teaching Tips from Regional Teacher of the Year Gina Pepin

September 19, 2023

For her guest blog, Dr. Gina Pepin, the Region 1 Michigan Teacher of the Year, shares a variety of great tips for teachers, especially those new to the profession. ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching

Building Trust and Community with Parent-Teacher Home Visits

September 12, 2023

2023-24 Michigan Teacher of the Year Candice Evans talks about the great benefits of the Parent Teacher Home Visit Program for all involved. ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching

Meet Michigan Teacher of the Year Candice Jackson

August 8, 2023

2023-24 Michigan Teacher of Year Candice Jackson chats with us about her career, her MTOY goals and how Quinta Brunson should play her in a bio pic. ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching

Do You Barely Use Your RV? Don’t Forget Maintenance

July 7, 2023

If you own an RV and haven’t found the time to get it on the road much during the last few years, it’s important that you continue maintaining the vehicle. ...

Topic: Safety, Travel

New Michigan Distracted Driving Law in Effect

June 29, 2023

The new law builds on a previous texting ban and makes it illegal to hold and use a mobile electronic device while operating a motor vehicle in Michigan. ...

Topic: Auto, Safety

Don’t Wait for a Leak to Replace Your Roof

June 26, 2023

To help avoid needless expenses inside and outside the home, we share some signs to look for, such as moss and curling shingles, that indicate it might be time to replace the roof. ...

Topic: Home, Safety, Member News Summer '23 Issue

Can Small Group Instruction Enhance Teaching and Learning?

June 21, 2023

Michigan Teacher of the Year Nanette Hanson talks about small group differentiation and the Daily 5 as a useful, beneficial tool. ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching

Will the Test Gods Please Listen?

May 16, 2023

Michigan Regional Teacher of the Year Carl Brownlee makes an appeal for standardized test reform for students facing a number of challenges. ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching

A Love Letter to Michigan Teachers

May 9, 2023

Michigan Teacher of the Year Nanette Hanson shares her love for her fellow educators and highlights the positive impact she hopes to pay forward from teachers who influenced her. ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching, Member News Summer '23 Issue

Students Face Mental Health Crisis, but There's Hope

April 18, 2023

Michigan Regional Teacher of the Year Jennifer Sepetys shares the way she's been helping her students deal with an increase in mental health issues. ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching

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