How to Report an Auto Insurance Claim

Auto Insurance Claims

After an accident, our fast, professional car insurance claims service will get you back on the road as soon as possible. And you don’t have to take our word for it — following a claim, 95% of our members tell us they would be likely to refer a friend, family member or colleague to Meemic. Want to know more? Your local Meemic agent can answer your questions about the car accident insurance claims process:

1. Report Your Claim

  • One of the most important steps in the claims process is to contact us when you have a loss. Our claims professionals are available to help you seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Call us toll free at 800-231-5770.
  • If you prefer electronic communication, take advantage of our online claims reporting process. It only takes a few minutes to submit your claim. Once your car insurance claim is submitted, a claims representative will contact you within one business day to discuss your claim.

2. Damage Assessment

  • Take necessary steps to protect your vehicle from further damage.
  • If your vehicle can be repaired, you have options.

    For your convenience and peace of mind, we can provide the names of repair shops in your area that are already pre-approved through The Educated Choice® Repair Program by Meemic.

    Depending on the cost of repairs, our claims adjuster may inspect your vehicle at the repair shop of your choice. The adjuster will provide the shop with a detailed estimate of repairs. If the repair shop has any questions regarding the estimate, they will be directed to contact the Claims Adjuster.

3. How We Settle the Loss

  • Any claim payment made will be based on the prevailing labor rates in your area.
  • If you choose one of The Educated Choice® Repair Program shops, payment for the repair will be sent directly to the facility when the vehicle is completed in order to save you a step.
  • If you choose your own repair shop, the adjuster will reach an agreed price with them. The payment will be sent to the repair shop. The check will be made to both you, as the policyholder, and the repair shop. This way, you can endorse the check when the repairs are completed.
  • If your vehicle was determined to be a total loss, your claim payment may be based on its Actual Cash Value, with adjustments based on your vehicle’s physical condition. Total loss settlements will include the name of the lienholder of the vehicle, if applicable.

Educated Choice® Repair Program

Because only the very best repair facilities are selected to be a part of The Educated Choice® Repair Program by Meemic, collision repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own the car. We have an extensive network of facilities in The Educated Choice® Repair Program where you can be assured of timely service, first-rate repairs and complete satisfaction.

  • No need to get multiple estimates or appraisals — authorized shops are pre-approved.
  • Some shops provide a free loaner or discounted rental vehicle as available.
  • Hassle-free process — all claim payments are sent directly to the shop after the repairs are completed.
  • Trusted auto repair shops are conveniently located throughout the state.
  • Auto repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own the car.

Auto Glass Repair Made Simple

Taking care of a cracked windshield doesn’t have to wait for a school holiday. If the auto glass damage is six inches or smaller, it can usually be repaired — so you don’t need to pay for a new windshield and you’ll save even more money because we’ll waive your deductible. Glass damage repairs take less than 45 minutes and can be done right at your home or school, so they're easy to fit into your busy schedule.

In some cases, depending on the location or severity of the damage, your windshield may have to be replaced. But whether it’s a simple auto windshield repair or a new windshield, the most important thing is to restore it to acceptable safety standards. If you have comprehensive coverage and need to make an auto glass repair claim, follow these simple steps:

  • Call 888-623-2155 to report your auto glass repair claim or submit your claim online.
  • A representative will arrange to have your auto glass repaired or replaced.

We’re happy to suggest an auto glass repair shop for you or feel free to use an auto glass repair vendor of your choice. Visit our Claims Center to learn more.


Please note that all claim submissions are subject to verification of coverage. Only your policy indicates the coverage afforded to you in the case of a loss. Other terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions may apply.

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