Umbrella Insurance

Protect Your Assets & Peace of Mind with Our
Umbrella Policy

If you’re sued for more than the liability limit of your home, auto or boat* insurance policy, an umbrella policy can pay the excess damages and legal fees. An umbrella insurance policy can help you protect your savings and the equity you have in your home — or even protect your future earnings. You may not have thought about personal umbrella insurance in the past, but lawsuits are filed more often today and the damage awards are larger than ever before. That means a greater risk of expensive personal liability claims for everyone.

What If Your Home or Auto Coverage Isn’t Enough?

Meemic’s personal umbrella policy provides the extra protection you would need if you were sued for more than your current home, auto or boat liability limits, which may only be $100,000 to $300,000. Umbrella policy liability limits are available from $1 million to $5 million to help protect your assets and pay legal expenses. Request a quote or contact a local Meemic agent and find out why umbrella insurance is one of the best values for your insurance dollar.

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