When to Change Car Insurance Coverage

Learn When to Change/Adjust Car Insurance Coverage*

Whether you’re getting married, buying a house or retiring — it’s always a smart idea to talk to your local Meemic agent. We can give you valuable guidance during major life changes – including whether you should consider switching car insurance. We’ll help you adjust your coverage to fit your changing needs.

Call us for expert advice when:

  • Is contact information up-to-date? Did you recently buy a home or move to a new address?
  • Has your marital status changed?
  • Are vehicles and drivers listed correctly? Are there any new household members, newly licensed drivers or other individuals that regularly operate vehicles on this policy?
  • Do health care provider benefits coordinate in the event of an auto accident? Have health insurance benefits changed?
  • Have there been changes to the drivers in the household? Has your teen started driving? Have you retired?
  • Have you selected the proper coverages/limits for your vehicles? Are you co-titled or the registered owner of all vehicles listed on the policy?
  • Has your vehicle lienholder (bank, savings and loan or leasing company) changed?
  • Have you paid off your auto loan?
  • Are there adequate liability limits in case of injury to others?
  • Are any cars garaged at a different address than the policy's address?
  • Should Car Rental Reimbursement coverage be added or increased?
  • Are full-time college students living in the home? Has the number of people living in your household changed?
  • Are you getting the multi-policy discount? If not, ask your agent how to get this great discount.
  • Did you install an anti-theft device in your vehicle?
  • Do your vehicles still have the right coverage level for you consistent with vehicle age?
  • Are you considering buying a new car?
  • Ask us if you qualify for loyalty rewards based on your accident-free status.
Your agent welcomes the opportunity to assist you with:
  • A review of all policies and discount opportunities (e.g., eligibility for claim forgiveness and more)
  • Helping you to select coverage based on your life stage and current needs
  • Any other questions regarding your insurance coverage
  • Sharing the value of becoming a AAA Member (for great discounts, identity theft protection and world-class Emergency Road Service)
*Coverage is subject to all policy terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations.
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