Some days, nothing goes right — from a flat tire to a fender bender. These car safety and maintenance tips from your friends at Meemic can help you and your passengers stay safer wherever you travel — near or far. We hope you’ll bookmark this page and come back for our seasonal car safety tips.

After all, we want our Members to be safe on the road. Safe drivers mean fewer accidents, and fewer accidents mean lower car insurance premiums for drivers!

Automobile Safety Insurance

Tips for Dealing with Potholes 

Stating the obvious here: It’s best to avoid hitting potholes whenever possible. That’s easier to do if you’re driving cautiously, and not tailgating, so you have more time to see and react to any potholes you’re approaching.

Teen Driver Safety 

Did you know that half of all teens will be involved in a crash by the time they leave high school? It's true, but there are steps you can take to keep your teen drivers as safe as possible — even when you're not in the car with them.

Buying and Riding a Motorcycle Safely 

The safe operation of a motorcycle requires different skill and knowledge than is needed for a passenger car.

Safety Tips for Bicyclists and Motorists 

Every year, more kids end up in the emergency room for bike-related injuries than any other sport. Here are a few ideas for how you can help your children stay as safe as possible, and still let them have fun riding with friends.

Tips to Prevent Drunk Driving
During the Holidays 

Alcohol-related incidents don’t just affect traffic accident victims. Party hosts have been held legally liable for drunk driving incidents that occur after intoxicated individuals leave their homes.

Fall Driving Safety Tips 

Spring has its rain, and winter has its snow and ice, but fall driving also has its own unique set of challenges.

Don't Be a Fatal Statistic from Driving Drowsy 

Recent research shows that more than 20 percent of fatal car accidents are due to fatigued drivers.

Driving Safely in the Rain 

Thousands of car accidents each year are caused by rain and wet roads — and motorists who don’t know how to drive on them.

Auto Theft Prevention 

There are some tried-and-true ways to keep your car safe — like always locking your doors. Here are a few more ideas from Meemic that can help keep your car and possessions out of the hands of thieves.

Preventing Deer-Related Auto Accidents 

October through December is the most common time of year for deer-related vehicle collisions — many of which can result in severe damage to your car and possible injuries to you and your passengers.

Winter Driving Safety 

These winter driving safety tips will help you avoid trouble and promote safe winter driving.

Auto Glass Damage Repair 

Have a crack in your windshield? Don’t worry, if the damage is 6 inches or smaller, it can usually be repaired — and we’ll waive your deductible on windshield repairs.

Insurance Checkup 

When was the last time you had a thorough insurance checkup? If it’s been more than a year, we encourage you to use our insurance coverage checklist.

Consumer Guide to Collision Repair 

No vehicle owner expects to be involved in an accident. But, at some point, you may be faced with damage to your vehicle as the result of a collision. Vehicle repairs can be handled better by an informed consumer.

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