Celebrate Ice Cream Month with a Big Scoop

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July 20, 2017

What’s the best thing about summer? Everyone has a different answer. Teachers may appreciate the “time off” (even though their work continues through the summer), some like going to the beach, some like the hot weather.

Personally? I like that we can enjoy a daily ice cream cone free from others’ judgement. Which is why we celebrate National Ice Cream Month like it’s Christmas in July!

How will you be celebrating? Maybe you can stop into one of the following ice cream shops and try these interesting flavors (courtesy of Goodhousekeeping.com)!

Michigan: World’s Fair Caramel Corn

Where? House of Flavors in Ludington!

If it’s beautiful beaches weren’t enough to make you visit Ludington, this popcorn-flavored ice cream will definitely tempt you! Influenced by the caramel corn at World’s Fair, this ice cream is jam-packed with delectable caramel corn pieces with a thick, syrupy caramel swirl.

Wisconsin: Honeyjack and Coke

Where? Big Deal Burgers and Custard in West Allis!

Inspired by your friend that just won’t stop singing Kenny Chesney every karaoke night, this ice cream is best described as “Honey-whiskey custard with a generous drizzle of Jack Daniel’s-infused honey.”

Illinois: Lavender Honey

Where? Capannari Ice Cream in Prospect!

Do you need a valid reason to binge on ice cream? How about lavender’s relaxing effects on the body? This refreshing ice cream is a perfect mix of fragrant lavender with a touch of sweet honey.

Georgia: Tutti Fruitti

Where? Leopold’s Ice Cream in Savannah!

Who said fruit cake was the worst? Okay, like everyone. But this ice cream iteration, spiked with rum, swirled with roasted Georgia pecans, and sweetened with candied fruit proves us all wrong.

Our Own Ideas

The creativity displayed by all of the ice cream shops that house these crazy flavors is awe-inspiring. Here are a couple of creative flavors that we wish existed:

Honey Barbecue Roasted Almond and Cinnamon: Just imagine, a cinnamon base, with a caramel swirl, packed with honey barbecue almonds!

Chocolate Dipped Churro: A snickerdoodle base, with chocolate frosting swirled through out and pieces of churro in every bite!

So get on it, Ben and Jerry!

Want more fun ice cream flavors? Here is the complete list of crazy ice cream flavors across all fifty states.

Check it out, and have a deliciously wonderful National Ice Cream Month!
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