Members Helping Members - Lost Wallet Finds Home

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February 15, 2017

We talk about the “Meemic Family” a lot in regard to the relationship between our agents, employees and members.

It shows in how our agents work with their members, watching out for them and sometimes insuring multiple generations in a single family as kids grow older and have children of their own.

It shows in how we spotlight our agents and new employees on our social media platforms with “Welcome to the Meemic Family” posts and tweets.

It shows when an agent or employee is out and about and mentions Meemic to someone, and it turns out to be a member who lights up (we hope) and shares their Meemic story.

But it also shows in how our members look out for other members.

One of our members, a school administrator we’ll call Ken, was at a restaurant when he found a wallet on the seat. He looked inside to see if he could find the owner, Jeff, and noticed Jeff was a Meemic policyholder, too. Ken called Meemic customer service to see if we could get in touch with Jeff.

Customer service rep Toni was able to quickly get a hold of Jeff, who is a teacher and hadn’t yet realized he had lost his wallet. Ken waited for Jeff at the restaurant, and Jeff high-tailed it over to pick up his wallet.

We’d like to thank Ken (we hope you recognize yourself here) for being an upstanding member and showing the true spirit of the Meemic Family
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