My Time at Meemic as a College Intern

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August 26, 2016

When I stumbled upon this internship opportunity back in March, I underestimated the extent to which this job would impact the rest of my career, let alone my summer! As a Marketing major at Michigan State University, this position could not have been a better fit. I remember telling myself over and over how great this opportunity would be. Looking back, I did not realize how right I was! I have learned so much throughout my time here Meemic, and have had so much fun along the way.

Right away, I knew I was lucky to be here. Everyone had a smile on their face and made me feel welcome. Every time I introduced myself to someone I hadn’t met, they would always tell me, “You’re going to love working here.” I see now that was an understatement! It is the people I am surrounded by that truly make working at Meemic such a fulfilling experience.

Working with such an intelligent and creative team has been very motivating, and also rewarding. Having the responsibility to handle and lead a variety of projects kept me on my feet as I continued to learn and work with people from various departments within the company. I loved working hands-on and being involved by attending numerous team meetings, brainstorming sessions and conference calls. Not only was I given the opportunity to speak up if I had a suggestion or idea, I was encouraged to. I felt my opinions were valued, and my input was greatly appreciated. To say the least, my contribution to the execution of my ideas and other invaluable projects was extremely gratifying.

As I stated during my interview, “My goal is to make a strong, positive, lasting impact on the company.” Upon completing my internship, it turns out Meemic has made a strong, positive, lasting impact on me! Originally, I came here for the experience and to continue to build my resume. Now, I would be a fool not to consider returning to Meemic to work full time after graduation. Although I am excited to go back to school, it is hard to say goodbye to everyone who has treated me so kindly. There is no doubt, I will be keeping in touch with the hardworking friends I have made at Meemic.
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