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Join The Meemic Foundation Club for New Grant Opportunities

Meemic Insurance Company was founded by educators exclusively for educators 65 years ago. Decades later, the organization still remains true to that mission and continues to look for ways to assist the educational community and has announced a new opportunity for educators to join The Meemic Foundation Club.

The Meemic Foundation is a non-profit company founded by Meemic Insurance Company to provide exclusive educational grants for teachers, providing funding for programs that have impacted over 1.5 million students since its inception in 1992. Over the years, Meemic Insurance Company has kept its ear to the ground and heard what educators have to say about the needs of the educational community. Meemic is announcing its new Foundation Club, set up to provide special educational opportunities and grants to club members.

"From the time that our seven founding fathers, all Detroit teachers, founded Meemic, in every day and everything that we do, we look to how we can serve the needs of the educational community," said Pamela Harlin, spokesperson for Meemic.  "It's not about us; it's about our educators that we're committed to serving and helping.  Starting the Foundation Club is a way for us to offer a direct line of communication with our members and provide exclusive grant opportunities and invitations to special events."

Educational employees of public, private or parochial schools, colleges and universities are welcomed to join the Foundation Club, which delivers an array of benefits for those who join. Becoming a member of the Club saves time when applying for grants. A secured account management system will save the user's information, allowing them to come back and effortlessly apply for funding opportunities. In addition to traditional grant programs, Club members can earn exclusive grant opportunities without completing a grant application.  Invitations to special educational conferences featuring workshops, training and speakers, will also be available at no cost to club members.

The Meemic Foundation is also introducing Back to School grants this year. These grants are specifically designed to provide assistance to educators to fund their school supplies for the upcoming 2015-16 school year.  Educators can apply for these $100 Back to School grants through June 30, 2015. On average, teachers in the U.S. spend $149 of their own money on classroom school supplies.  The Back to School grants offer teachers a way to alleviate their costs via a simple three-question application that can be completed in minutes.

Those who want to join The Meemic Foundation Club and learn more about the Back to School grant and other funding opportunities are encouraged to visit