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Meemic Insurance Reminds College Students To Put Renters Insurance on their Back to School List

As summer comes to a close, schools across the country are back in session. For many college students, not only does that mean a return to classes, but also their home-away-from-home, student housing. Meemic Insurance Company (, an insurance provider that serves educational employees, urges returning students to consider protecting their personal property through a renters insurance policy.

A 2014 Insurance Information Institute poll found that 95 percent of homeowners had homeowners insurance, but only 37 percent of renters had a renters insurance policy. While there are many factors that contribute to this gap, cost is the most often cited reason for not obtaining renters insurance. However, when you consider the cost to replace everything that can be found in a modern-day college student's apartment, and the fact that rental properties are burglarized at a higher rate than owned households, the reality is that most students can't afford not to have insurance.

"Many college students and their parents have made significant financial investments in tablets, laptops, cell phones, televisions, bikes, furniture and other types of personal property," said Meemic Insurance Company spokesperson Pamela Harlin. "All of these items can be attractive targets for thieves, or can easily be damaged or destroyed. A Renters Insurance policy can be a relatively inexpensive way to protect your investment."

Renters Insurance protects the personal property of the policyholder against damage or loss. When a student is away at school and living off campus, their personal property is generally not covered by their parent's insurance. In most situations, the student's property also wouldn't be covered by a landlord's insurance if the student is living in a rented apartment or house. Students living in on-campus housing may be covered under his or her parent's homeowner policy, but the best approach is to consult with your insurance agent to determine your level of coverage and discuss your options.

In addition to covering personal property, renters insurance can also provide protection from liability. So if you have a pet that injures someone, or someone slips and falls in your apartment, you are protected against a lawsuit. Most policies also provide additional living expenses coverage in the event that your home or apartment becomes uninhabitable.

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