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The Meemic Foundation Celebrates National Teacher Day, Commemorative Poster Features Veteran Music Teacher

DETROIT, MAY 6, 2014 /IWANTPOP.COM/ –  Today is National Teacher Day, a day that honors teachers and the critical role they play in ensuring that students receive a quality education. The Meemic Foundation for the Future of Education, a non-profit organization created by Meemic Insurance Company, offers support to schools and educators in Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin in the form of grants and other celebratory items. One of the more popular items is the Meemic Educators Appreciation Series of posters that is presented as a gift to every school each year on this date. This year’s poster, the ninth in the series, features Terri Gartland, an Elementary School music teacher.

“There are very few other professions in a community that have the kind of impact that a teacher does,” said Pamela Harlin, spokesperson for The Meemic Foundation. “National Teacher Day offers us a chance to honor the educators among us for their efforts and recognize outstanding educators that look for innovative and exciting ways to engage students and instill in them a life-long love of learning.”

Terri Gartland has been teaching for 25 years, spending the last 14 years with the Beloit school district. As part of her young students’ music education, Terri has an exciting program that integrates literature and puppets which provides a rewarding learning experience for all.

“Terri is an amazing teacher. Her passion for education, like so many other great educators we work with every day, is an integral part of who she is and why she is so successful,” said Harlin. “Educators like Terri who are always looking for new and creative ways to inspire their students are why The Meemic Foundation exists. We want to make sure that these remarkable individuals have the financial means necessary to provide students with an exciting educational experience. By reading Terri’s story at, you will gain insight into her passion and drive that is present in all of our outstanding educators. We are honored to know and have teachers like Terri educating our youth.”

The Meemic Foundation offers several grant opportunities throughout the year. To submit an application, educators can simply visit and complete an online form outlining their request. Applications are reviewed using a variety of criteria that are described on the website. 

About The Meemic Foundation
The Meemic Foundation for the Future of Education was created by Meemic Insurance Company in 1992. As a non-profit organization, the Foundation is dedicated to advancing the future of education by offering financial assistance to schools and educators. Over the years we have had the pleasure of providing funding to some of the most creative and passionate teachers in the world. Their stories inspire us to continue funding projects that affect a large number of students and support the educational communities that we proudly serve.

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