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August 21, 2014

Sometimes opportunity arrives when you least expect it — like when you’re doing a little copying. Melinda Jackson, a teacher in the Berkley School District, was at the printer in the school copy room when she noticed a flier advertising Meemic insurance. Melinda and her husband were purchasing a new home, so she called the number, talked to Meemic Agent John Ploskonka and ended up with special educator benefits and a great rate that saved her money.

Melanie had been with a Meemic competitor for over 20 years and explains, “Although my driving record was stellar, I was still paying, what I realized later, exorbitant auto insurance rates for our two cars. I decided to give John a call to get a quick quote on a homeowners insurance policy. Although I made the call during one of our coldest and snowiest days of one of our most severe winters, John agreed to go out, take pictures of the property and prepare a homeowners quote within record time in order to expedite our closing.”

The agent didn’t stop there, Melanie explained, “When John emailed the quote to me, I was pleasantly surprised. I had not seen rates that low — and with more coverage — in the last ten to fifteen years of premiums with various insurance companies on our previous home, which was comparable in size and construction to our current home.”

Melanie added, “If the savings on our homeowners insurance alone was not enough to recognize that switching to Meemic was truly a cost-efficient decision, I was definitely sold on the company when John quoted my automobile insurance rates.”

“We all know the wise words of Benjamin Franklin, ‘A penny saved is a penny earned,’” said Melanie. “I think you’ll agree that that type of savings is a nice earning, especially when many districts have dealt with our school financial crisis by either cutting teacher salaries or keeping them stagnant.”

“If you are a teacher who wants to be respected, while having your property and earnings protected, consider Meemic. I’m glad I did. … In this climate of educational cutbacks, Meemic Insurance has shown me that those of us who have chosen teaching as our life’s work are still valued and appreciated.”
Melanie added, “In terms of friendly, prompt, and courteous service representatives, Meemic has certainly exceeded my expectations and rates an A+.”

Join our growing family. Be part of Meemic, the company that offers the educational community exclusive savings of up to 35% on auto and home insurance.

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