Principal Road Trip Day 5: Lexington, Corbin

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September 20, 2018

The NAESP car was pointed towards Lexington, KY, at 5:15 a.m. in order to get to Mary Todd Elementary by mid-morning.  
The school is led by Principal Freda Asher and AP Caryn Huber. The school has myriad support services that include a school/home liaison, counselor, psychologist and clinic that offers on-site health/mental health support for the students.
The school has worked extremely hard as a learning community to develop a growth mindset – and the students are quick to verbalize it when asked!
The school also offers STEM to K-5 students on a weekly basis and offers 1:1 technology.
Thanks for sharing your school with me on the 4,500 mile journey through our schools!

Crossing the Road to Corbin

Corbin Intermediate, about an hour and a half from Lexington, is a fifth-grade building for the Corbin Independent School District, and it’s led by Bill Jones. The town is also known for as the first place Colonel Sanders began selling fried chicken at during the Great Depression, and he is recognized on the town’s banners as you drive into town.   
Corbin Intermediate has, leveraging grant opportunities, installed an outdoor classroom and a Project Fit America area for its students.  

Corbin Intermediate offers several learning opportunities, such as “Treehouse University,” which supports children with unique needs that are at risk for success in the general education classroom. It also offers “Mentoring Mondays,” which provide independent learning opportunities at the student’s individual pace while the teacher goal conferences with each student.
On a final note, the heart of every school is the secretary, and Corbin Intermediate’s secretary, Anna McHargue, has been with the district for 33 years! She’s a rock star!

Thank you to everyone in Corbin for a wonderful visit!

Eric Cardwell, president of the National Association of Elementary School Principals, is driving 4,500 miles through seven states during his two-week road trip. At each school, Eric will meet with the principal and learn about the great things going on at that school. Most recently, he was principal at Besser Elementary in Alpena, MI.
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