Teachers Ready to Head Back to Class

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August 7, 2017


When Foundation Club Members applied for one of our back-to-school grants, we asked, “What are you looking forward to the most with the new school year?” We got almost 7,000 responses, so it’s not surprising that some common themes emerged.

Many teachers just like to meet all the new students. Several were looking forward to teaching new subjects, grade levels, technology (woo hoo – 3D printers!) or curricula, and meeting the new “kiddos.” More than a few noted all the things students teach them, as well.

Here are some of our favorites.


“I am looking forward to teaching new art concepts and ideas to my students. … I am excited to see how the students develop when presenting their work to their peers, discussing their art, art process and ideas.”

Jennifer H., Flint, MI


“I can hardly wait to see my new students soar! They learn so many new things in a year. I really want to see my kids grasp a new concept and go with it. I also secretly love the smell and feel of a newly sharpened pencil on a fresh sheet of paper.”

Annette T., Columbiaville, MI


“I am looking forward to meeting new students and being a more organized and thoughtful teacher.”

Katie L., Springfield, IL


“Working with teenagers! I have taught for 24 years and still enjoy watching the light bulb turn on!”

Holly B., Milwaukee, WI


“I always love to see the excitement as children embark on their Kindergarten journey. It is fun for me to find new ways to help make their start to school fun and successful!”

Cathleen B., Aurora, IL


“Meeting the students at my new schools, especially the refugee students. I am expecting to learn a lot from their experiences in different countries and discovering how to best support them during their time of transition to the USA!”

Jeffrey G., Milwaukee, WI


“I enjoy taking students on meaningful and diverse field trips. I typically take students to a Native American museum and cultural center in Mt. Pleasant, an Arab-American museum in Dearborn, the Flint Institute of Arts, Catholic Charities for service, and, if time allows, Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester and the Museum of African-American History in Detroit! Each year I am excited to share these experiences with my students!”

Steven S., Flint, MI


“Having a classroom! I have been a ‘traveling’ teacher around the building since there were no rooms available for me.”

Bridgett L., Savoy, IL


“Making music with my students is the force that keeps me going. I believe I was put on this earth to teach young people the importance of music in our lives, and the lessons that only making music with other people teaches.”

Kevin S., Oswego, IL


“I am looking forward to implementing realistic, career-based lessons that will help my students grow as future independent successful employees. I want to help my students develop the skills needed to formulate a plan for their future and know how to accomplish it.”

Katie B., Vassar, MI
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