Meemic Masterpieces Art & Video Contest - For Your Safety

Join The Meemic Foundation and AAA-The Auto Club Group in showcasing the artistic ability of our students while rewarding your classroom in the process. Meemic Foundation Club Members can sponsor a student's original work (with their choice of medium – artwork or video) to be entered in our Student Contest, focused on one of our three safety themes. Up to 52 student winners will be selected. The winning creation will be featured on our website and in our virtual online art gallery event scheduled for 3rd Quarter 2022 (exact date to be provided). Sponsoring Foundation Club Members of winning entries will earn a $300 school supplies grant for their school. Plus each winning student artist will receive a HP Chromebook.


Contest dates are January 1, 2022 through March 31, 2022.

Student artist must be a resident of and currently attending an elementary or secondary school* in Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, or Wisconsin.

Your artwork or video must reflect one of these safety-themed messages:
  • Vehicle Safety
    • Distracted/Impaired Driving safety messages
    • School Bus safety messages
    • Seat Belt safety messages
  • Pedestrian Safety
    • Crosswalk safety messages
    • Biking safety messages
  • Online Safety
    • Antibullying messages
    • Safety on social sites messages
    • Protecting your info online safety messages

Only one entry per student.

Resources to Develop Your Safety Messages
We strongly recommend using these resources from the AAA website to help in creating your Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety messages:

                     Vehicle Safety   (This AAA web page will provide links to relevant safety information you can use in your artwork/video)

                     Pedestrian Safety   (This AAA web page serves as a gateway to a variety of AAA safety information you can use)

For the Online Safety theme, we recommend the following resource:
                     Protecting Kids Online   (This FTC Identity and Online Security web page provides valued online safety messages you can use)

Rules & Guidelines for Artwork Submissions
Entry must be original artwork created by the student, reflect one of the listed Safety themes for this contest, and not a copy or reproduction of another work. No copyright material or images may be used.

Your original artwork will not be required to be submitted, only a digital file of your original artwork.

For the original artwork:
  • Can be painted, drawn, sketched, or digitally created
  • All artwork must be able to be converted to a digital format for submission
    (created or scanned in high-resolution digital file)
  • Image file size should be a minimum 300 DPI
  • No photography, please
  • No profanity or vulgar images, language or references
  • No political messages

Rules & Guidelines for Video Submissions
Video entry cannot be a copy or reproduction of another work, must be originally created by the student, and reflect one of the listed Safety themes for this contest. No copyright material or images may be used, including music.

Video cannot be longer than 30 seconds and must be in either .MP4 or .MOV video format. Be sure to record using high-resolution setting.

For the original video:
  • Only the student named in the application can be featured in the video.
  • Multiple people in the video will disqualify the video from entry.
  • The maximum video length cannot exceed 30 seconds.
  • All videos must be in English or include English subtitles.
  • No profanity or vulgar images, language, or references.
  • No political messages.
  • Make sure clothing does not have any graphic images, brands or logos.

General Rules & Guidelines

Only Foundation Club Members can sponsor a student's artwork or video entry in the contest.

Only one entry (either an original artwork or video) per student.

Foundation Club Member can sponsor multiple students, but each student entry must have an application completed online. Once each application is submitted, the sponsoring club member will receive the Application Confirmation email that will be sent from This email will contain the Student's unique identification number, and the link that must be used to upload the student's artwork or video, as well as upload the scanned parent's signed liability release form.

For the Foundation Club Member's convenience, an informational document has been developed that the Club Member can provide to the student artist to inform their parents/guardian about the contest.

Entries must be electronically submitted through the link provided in the Application Confirmation email by Thursday, March 31, 2022, to have their work eligible for judging. No entries will be accepted after that time.

The Authorization and Liability Release form must be completed and signed by the student's parent/guardian. Artwork and video will not be accepted for the contest unless this form is properly completed.

Up to 52 winners will be selected - a maximum of 2 winners per grade (K-12) per medium type (artwork or video). A minimum of 10 entries in each grade and medium type is needed to be eligible for judging.

Winning entries will be announced by Tuesday, May 10, 2022.

Winning entries will receive:
For the Student Artist      •  HP Chromebook
•  Personalized Certificate of Appreciation
•  Invitation to participate in one of the virtual online art and video gallery celebration
For the Club Member      •  $300 School Supplies Grant
    (If the Club Member is not employed with a school in
     Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, or Wisconsin, the $300
     grant will go to the student artist's school)

    If the sponsoring club member have two or more
    student winners, their grant award will be capped at
    $600 total.

All student artists that submitted an eligible entry will receive a PDF Certificate of Appreciation for their entries.

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Encourage your students to help us promote a safer environment with their safety-themed creativity!

*This contest is only open to qualified educational institutions that have a physical presence and operate within the states of Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, or Wisconsin. Home schools and preschools are not eligible for this contest. Home schools are defined as a building that also serves as a private residence and or serves less than 50 students.