About the Krumm Agency, LLC

We are happy to provide sales and service in Southeast Michigan.

Provider of insurance to educational employees and their families

We have a lot in common ...

Founded by educators

On April 7, 1950, a group of seven teachers formed Meemic based on their belief they could provide an invaluable service to their fellow educators by offering high-quality, affordable insurance protection.

Sold by educators

Most Meemic agents are also teachers. So we understand your unique and demanding profession. At the Krumm Agency, Ernie Krumm is a teacher for Van Buren Public Schools. Like you, Ernie devotes his day to students. His evenings are spent meeting with other teachers and giving them peace of mind, the insurance protection they deserve. Our office is managed by Bethann Gyorke Krumm. Bethann began selling insurance after working over a decade in the credit union industry.

Why choose the Krumm Agency as your Meemic representative?

Our agency is unique. We want to be your insurance provider for your lifetime. We believe insurance starts with building an honest, trusting relationship. As your needs and family grow, we want to be part of your excitement. We want to guide you through the many insurance options that are available and help you find insurance coverage to suit your family’s needs.

When you call us, we know you. That’s because we have met in person with nearly every family we have insured with Meemic. Once you decide Meemic is the insurance for you, we schedule an appointment where either Ernie or Bethann Krumm actually come to you to write your policy. That’s right, it’s not unusual for us to meet you right at your school. It’s that personal contact that enables us to build lasting relationships with all our educator/clients.

The next step?

We’ll take about 10 minutes to obtain preliminary information, then we’ll compare Meemic with your current insurance. It’s that easy. We look forward to hearing from you at 734-254-1976. Send a text or email.

We are always open to support programs within schools. Just email KrummAgency@Meemic.com.

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