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Northville Schools Get Classroom Makeovers

Linda Wozniak recently visited five schools in Northville to give teachers money for classroom makeovers.

The winners: Asleigh Apostolovski, Northville High School; Jodi Fabian, Ridge Wood Elementary; Jenny Pascual, Meads Mill Middle School; Kristin Kreiss, Silver Springs Elementary; and Kim Smith, Cooke School. Congratulations!

​Photos: (Top) Christine Jeter, Kim Smith, principal Jennifer Bugar and Linda Wozniak

Principal Tony Koski, Linda Wozniak and Ashleigh Apostolovski

Sandra Brock, Director of Instructional Service Northville District; Linda Wozniak; Jodi Fabian and principal Joanne Savich

Jenny Pascual, principal Brad O’Neil, Sandra Brock and Linda Wozniak

Linda Wozniak, Kristin Kreiss and principal Katie Booth