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Ann Arbor, Dexter Students Benefit from Classroom Makeovers

Bill Christen of the Gordon Group Agency recently visited several Ann Arbor and Dexter schools to deliver money for Classroom Makeovers. Congratulations!

Shaima Basuni, Allen Elementary, wants to expand cultural offerings in her language classes.
JoAnn Parkus, Pittsfield Elementary, needs to replace white boards and dry erase markers for her math lessons.
David Russell, Huron High, will upgrade his classroom’s fish tank to run the state DNR’s Salmon in the Classroom program.
Salvador Barrientes, Scarlett Middle School, wants to improve décor and seating to enhance learning.
Kelly Boone, Wines Elementary, will improve the classroom environment for her autistic students.
Kurt Kosky, Dexter High School, will turn the former meeting room that is his classroom into a space more conducive to learning.
Ethan Konett, Mill Creek Middle School, will buy energy-efficient mood lighting and comfortable seating.
Sherry Spinelli, Jenkins Early Childhood Learning Center Preschool, wants to create a dedicated science area.

Top photo: Bill Christen with Shaima Basuni

JoAnn Parkus (center) and interim principal Shelley Bruder

David Russell

Salvador Barrientes

Principal David DeYoung (left) and Kelly Boone

Kurt Kosky

Jami Bronson (left), Ethan Konett and Brett Pederson

Sherry Spinelli

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