About Us

As a diehard Wolverine fan, Cedric Small is excited to be part of the Meemic family in Ann Arbor.

Cedric has strong ties to the educational community. He has a master’s degree in educational leadership and worked as a high school English teacher, debate team coach, academic games coach and school administrator at Renaissance High School in Detroit, his alma mater, for 22 years. Most recently, he has served as a lecturer at the University of Michigan, his other alma mater. He did his student teaching at Pioneer High School.

He’s an avid traveler, a hobby he likes to mix with his passion for U-M sports. He’s been to every one of Michigan's bowl games since 2001. He also has a daughter, Amara, who is his world.

He opened his Meemic agency to cement himself as a cornerstone of the educational community, educating and serving that community to make sure everyone is properly protected. 

Stop by the office, call or email today, and let Cedric and his team know how they can serve you.