Meemic Exclusive Agent Referral

Terms and Conditions

  • A $5,000 award will be paid for each Exclusive Agent (EA) referral that results in a Meemic Insurance Company (Meemic) appointment and an EA office opening in one of the following states:  Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin.
  • States may be added or removed at the company’s discretion based on marketing needs.
  • All referrals must be submitted online using the Exclusive Agent Referral Form available at  Nominators can submit an unlimited amount of referrals.
  • When a referral submission is received, an email confirmation is automatically sent to the nominator and Meemic.  The referral form is stored in the company database.
  • All referrals awards are approved by designated Meemic management and payments are processed by Corporate Disbursements.
  • Award recipients will receive an official notification via mail along with the appropriate tax documentation (W-9) to complete prior to receiving their award.  Award recipients will receive a check for their award and 1099 tax statement according to IRS tax regulations.
  • All awards will be processed within 60 days after the EA office opening.  In case of disputes, the final award decisions will be determined by Meemic management.
  • No awards will be paid for referral for current employees of Meemic or ACG, or of employees of agencies associated with Meemic or ACG. 
  • No award will be paid for former Meemic or ACG employees, or someone currently or formerly employed at or engaged by Meemic or ACG as a temp, co-op, intern, contractor, subcontractor, consultant or any other service provider. 
  • Meemic and ACG management-level and above employees are not eligible for the reward.
  • No award will be paid to Meemic or ACG recruiters or recruiting organizations used by Meemic or ACG for the purposes of identifying potential EA candidates unless they have been preapproved by Meemic management to participate in this EA Referral Award program.
  • No awards will be paid for self-referrals.
  • Candidates already known to Meemic are not eligible for a referral award.  A “known” candidate is defined as someone who has petitioned for an EA appointment with Meemic within the past 12 months.  After 12 months, the candidate would no longer be considered “known” and would become eligible to be referred through the EA Referral Award program.
  • The terms and conditions of the EA Referral Award Program are subject to change based on the company’s discretion.