Everybody Needs a Little Mootilda in Their Life!

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June 13, 2018

A couple of months ago in my blog, I mentioned that there was a cow in my office and shared physical evidence of said cow.
Have you met her?
As cows tend to do (not that I’m steeped in cow knowledge, but somehow I know this), my cow seems to like to wander from place to place. You may have actually seen her roaming the pastures of social media recently … at one point, demanding that she get a name. Diva cow. Many stepped up to provide their witty suggestions – Cow Pi, Moodonna, Herman (Herman?!?), to name a few. One name did “curdle” to the top.
Meet … Mootilda! And a hearty thank you to Shannon Mason of Whittemore-Prescott Elementary for her exceptional cow-naming skills!

Now that my cow has a name, let’s address the elephant in the room. (Another animal pun?  Really?)  Why do I have a cow in my office? 
Is it for my own selfish entertainment purposes? Not really. As I quickly found out, Mootilda is really bad at knock knock jokes, although she does like to do her own spin on the classic “Why did the chicken cross the road?” joke, where she says “cow” instead of “chicken.” And her response? To moooove to the udder side!! Groan. Stand-up comic (cow-mic), she’s not!
Maybe Mootilda just wants some attention? No doubt about that! Mootilda does love the responses she get when people see her. Whatever event she has attended, Mootilda immediately brings smiles and selfies! She even “wandered” over to a local school district recently to participate in Rally4Change as part of the Stand4Change against Bullying event with Defeat the Label on May 5. Mootilda is very passionate about being kind to others and fighting bullying!!
Or did Mootilda come to the Foundation office to help promote our back to school grant opportunity?  Ding! Ding! Ding! That’s it. Mootilda is all about helping you out in the classroom. In fact, she wants to help you BEEF UP your classroom for the upcoming school year! (I told you she was bad at jokes.) Seriously, Mootilda knows how difficult it is for our wonderful teachers to supply their classrooms with basic supplies with many teachers digging in their own pockets to ensure their classroom is well-equipped for the new school year. The Meemic Foundation has partnered with Quill.com to provide 1,000 back-to-school supply grants this fall! This grant opportunity will be ending soon … on June 30. So don’t wander around like Mootilda! Head straight over to MeemicFoundation.org/BacktoSchool to apply for this super easy grant today.
Well, there goes Mootilda again. Wandering around, looking for some attention. She’s now looking for new books to read. I wonder what that’s about?!? 
Read more about Mootilda and the other suggested names in her other blog post.