We’re not quite ready to reveal The Together Movement! Check back soon for information and valuable resources on bully prevention and how we can be better together!

The Together Community


These days, news reports and social media feeds contain too many incidents of bullying, intolerance and disrespect. The statistics surrounding this are staggering – one in every five students reports being bullied (National Center for Education Statistics, 2016); among middle school students, 24% are cyberbullied and 45% are bullied on school property (Center for Disease Control, 2015); for high school students, 15.5% are cyberbullied and 20.2% are bullied on school property (Center for Disease Control, 2015). We know that the negative impact of these hurtful activities can impact educational performance, as well as physical and emotional health.

In response, The Meemic Foundation has launched The Together Movement initiative and offers this website as a gateway to information and valuable resources for fighting bullying and promoting kindness.

Let’s work together to help students, schools and communities inspire each other to be better together. #WeTogether

Watch the 2022 Virtual Community Conversation on Bullying

Together with Defeat the Label, The Meemic Foundation is proud to present the sessions from this year’s
Virtual Community Conversation on Bullying, along with the 2021 CCoB and 2020 CCoB.




The Movement in Action