When ‘King of the World’ Still Has a Long To-Do List

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September 18, 2019

By Pam Harlin, Meemic Foundation Director

The carefree, craziness of summer is nearly behind us.
There seems to be more structure to our days now that nearly everyone is back in their post-summer “routines.” Kids are in schools. Teachers are in their classrooms. Workers are back at work (with far less vacation days). We are all doing what we are either preordained, told, required, desire, or paid to do.
It’s another September. Yet, why do I feel overwhelmed already?
I should be well rested. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (like a hyperactive squirrel). I should be standing on my back deck at home, leaning forward against the railing, arms outstretched ala “Titanic,” screaming, “I am ready, world!” Yet, all I’m ready to do is think about what I haven’t done and need to do.    
Chalk it up to another summer full of vacations, long weekends and good intentions.  
I started the summer with all of the best intentions to do so much. And I made lists! Oh, I made so many lists. I am obsessed with creating lists. But finishing them? Maybe not so good.
Maybe it comes from the desire to create the illusion that I am organized. What? Everyone knows I’m not organized? Hmmm, got to work on that illusion. Well, anyway ... I love the thought of “working” towards being organized.
I know I have things to do that I didn’t do, things to do that I started to do, things to do that I forgot to do, and things to do that others are doing. Sounds like I need to get another list started.  
The start of a new school year is another good reason to get organized.
I’m betting you love that fresh start too. I would love to help with that. While supplies last, I would love to send you a Lesson Planner for the new school year. Just send your name, the name of your school and school address to TheClub@Meemic.com, and I’ll mail you our 2019-20 School Year Planner. (Again – supplies are limited!) It’s my new favorite place to put my lists. 
And don’t forget that our monthly PopIn2Win grants should be at the top of your to-do list each month.  They are so simple to apply for – no questions. Apply today at MeemicFoundation.org/PopIn2Win.