‘Just’ a Note of Thanks from The Meemic Foundation

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November 24, 2020

My dear educators. 
What a year, right?  
You’ve always been asked to do more than “just teach.” We know that an educator does more than “just educate.” 
Within the soul of this profession, educators tend to be deeply invested in their students’ challenges. Maybe you’ll stay late to provide tutoring for a struggling student. Make an extra sandwich to share at lunch. Perhaps you’ll bring some of your own child’s too-small clothing to a student whose been bullied for wearing the same clothes each day. 
More than once, you’ll stop by the store on the way home to pick up supplies to ensure your classroom has what is needed for tomorrow’s lessons. And let’s not count the number of times you’ve also volunteered to lead the fundraising, yearbook, homecoming and countless other school committees. 
And you did all of this and more in your role as “just an educator.” But this year?
Exponentially ... just so much more. Schools closing. Distance learning. New technology – Zoom, anyone? Changing lessons plans in an instant to accommodate teaching from home. Trying to address the inequity of learning amplified by technology and challenges of your students.  Serving dual role as caretaker and teacher for your own “at home” students while you’re distance teaching. 
Just some of the additional challenges for you to balance while keeping yourself and your family healthy during a world-wide pandemic.
So with all of this, I just want to say ... thank you. You are amazing! We see you, we hear you, we know you’re stressed and have been pushed to the limit. But still, you “just” teach. And you do it well.
Continue to soar, superhero! We wish you well and all the best. Your community hears you ... and we stand in support of you!
Thank you, educators. Thank you for all you do.