Embracing the Joys of the Season

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November 15, 2018

By Pam Harlin, Meemic Foundation Director

The phrase I hear most often right now? “It’s that time of year again”... and that time is holiday time.  During the last couple of months of the year, we all put our lives into a different gear as we accept all that “this time of year" brings us – the joys of the season and even some tribulations.
My first “this time of year” joy is the family! For many of us, this is the time of year that we connect with many of our family members. Time to catch-up, share pictures and stories, and to coo over the newborn family members. Ahhhh – just spending time creating lasting family memories!
But there are the family woes. That is – there is the time when they have got to go. I mean, come on. I love ’em and all, but please …. go. I’ll see you again soon … but not too soon.   
Another joy this time of year is the food. It’s like a reunion for my belly – all my favorite foods have gathered “this time of year” for my enjoyment. And I heard that calories do not count during “this time of year.” Woo hoo! (Editor’s note: Calories do count. Make note to advise Pam on this fact soon.)
But this food joy seems to also result in clothing that become unbearably too tight after the big meals.  Although I’m uncomfortable, I get through this knowing that during this time of the year, calories don’t count. (Editor’s note: Sigh. Again, calories do count. I need Pam’s phone number NOW!)
The beauty of the first snowfall on a crisp winter night is such a joy.  The silent, elegant beauty that it creates simply takes my breath away.  
But there is no joy in the beast that midnight snow creates during morning rush hour. Shoveling driveways, slippery sidewalks, salt-encrusted cars and oh, no, my new suede boots (that I forgot to get treated!!), and shoveling driveways. (Yes, again we have to shovel. When will this snow stop?!)
But the best joy of all is the joy of giving. Especially during this time of year, we open up our hearts even more to giving, not just to our family and friends, but to our community. And we do it in so many great ways – from cash donations to volunteering at food banks and local charities, from adopting families for the holidays, to helping a struggling neighbor. We dig a little deeper to find the time and resources to spread the kindness and joy … “this time of year.” 
The Meemic Foundation is also part of this season of giving. Foundation Club Members can nominate a school to receive a $500 grant to use online at Office Depot. What a great gift to give to a local school in need! Take the time to nominate a school today.  For more information, visit MeemicFoundation.org/ForOurSchools.