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March 22, 2021

By Pam Harlin, Meemic Foundation Director

We can hear you

So clear are your expressions

Your words so precisely written

In your masterpiece.

Your observations are distinct

As different as your fingerprints

As raw as your emotions

In your masterpiece.

All on the same path

Inhaling the same pain

Yet exhaling your unique portrait

In your masterpiece.

Your words are your story

Your creativity your signature

Your reflections forever stamped

In your masterpiece.
Join us for our Facebook Live event at 7 p.m. ET April 5-9 as we hear the winning entries of the Meemic Masterpiece Poetic Rap Contest, where students were asked to submit a poem or rap lyrics on one of 3 topics: the COVID-19 pandemic, school life in 2020 or celebrating diversity.