In Celebration of Short Stacks - and Every Special Day!

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March 12, 2019

By Pam Harlin, Meemic Foundation Director

So as I write this on March 12, it’s National Pancake Day. I feel bad that I wasn’t prepared for this. I found out that it is National Pancake Day because it was a featured news story on both the local AND national news. Slow news day? 
What is our obsession with national days? Did you know that there are over 1,500 national days a year? Now I’m obsessed. Is there a celebration every day this month that I don’t know about? Actually, there is. 
Here are just some of the national days to celebrate in March:
March 1 – National Dadgum That’s Good Day. This day, to celebrate good times and food with family and friends, is shared by 11 other celebrations, some more prominent, like National Read Across America Day.
March 2 – National Old Stuff Day. Because you need a national day to tell you to try something new.
March 3 – National Cold Cuts Day. Which reminds me that I have some old bologna in the back of the refrigerator I need to discard … carefully.
March 5 – National Cheese Doodle Day, Fat Tuesday, Paczki Day, Fastnacht Day.  Start early ’cause there’s lots of eating to do. I think this will also be my own personal “Wear Your Stretchy Pants Day.”
March 6 – National Dentist’s Day.  Yep, not surprised.
March 9 – National Get Over It Day. Started by a guy who couldn’t get over his ex-girlfriend. There is actually a website with a step-by-step process (and a certificate of intent to move on!) to help you through the heartache.
March 13 – National Open an Umbrella Indoors Day. Speechless.
March 19 – National Let’s Laugh Day. Ha! Only a day? This needs to be celebrated … and observed every day!
March 21 – National Common Courtesy Day. Thank you! Only a day? This needs to be celebrated … and observed every day!
March 24 – National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day. This day has the distinction of not being shared with any other special occasion day! Feel free to pass the Raisinets!
March 27 – National Scribble Day. This is BRAND NEW for 2019. It’s inspired by the book “I’m Not Just a Scribble” by Diane Alber, which speaks to kindness and acceptance as it seeks to inspire the artist in all of us.
March 31 – National Crayon Day. Because we need to end the month with bright primary colors while immersed in the joy of coloring.
How do you celebrate each day? The Meemic Foundation celebrates you each day through our various grant funding opportunities that we offer … year-round! From our teacher-to-teacher resource library to our school supply benefits and other discounts, we are here for you in the classroom every day of the year.