Summer Fun Is Just a List Away!

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June 11, 2019

By Pam Harlin, Meemic Foundation Director

It’s summer time!! Well, not officially. The summer solstice for this year occurs June 21 at 11:54 a.m. EDT. But why wait until then to start engaging in summer fun? Thus, for your consideration, here is a list of items that you may want to indulge in to enjoy summer to its fullest. 
  • It’s time to get those white shoes shined up and on display (no worries of offending the fashion police, as it is after Memorial Day for those purest).
  • The barbecue grill should be prepped and ready for the onslaught of tube steaks (fancy name for hot dogs) and other food masterpieces that you really want to try (which also means binge watching all of the cooking shows missed throughout the year).
  • Bring joy to your home with some brightly colored flowers (doesn’t matter if they are curated with love from flower seeds or strategically added via purchased pre-planted flower pots from the local nursery).
  • Can’t get away? Staycations are the popular new vacations! Plan for a few special days of eating breakfast in bed, no cell phones (try a text-free day!), visiting local attractions and doing yoga in your back yard!
  • Get your reading glasses ready to indulge in several big, fat, juicy novels, full of all the guilty pleasures that you have denied yourself.  
  • Treat yourself daily with a pitcher of spa water, freshly made by you. Cleaned, hulled and quartered strawberries in a pitcher of water, cooled in the refrigerator, will refresh and make you feel ready to take on each summer day.
  • Enjoy a few sunrises … and not through your car windshield. Snuggle with family through a few sunsets … but in silence so you can fully take in the majestic beauty of it all.
In all that you do, just be sure to relax, have fun, and make lasting summer memories!
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