Discover the World With a Road Trip

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July 18, 2018

It’s summer! Time for family reunions, barbecues, garage sales ... and road trips!
Road trips?! Why would anyone want to spend long hours driving the highways and backroads when they can be at their destination more quickly by air? Because you can spend time discovering our country by driving the highways and backroads!
Here are some quirky tips to make your road trip extraordinary:
1.  Be prepared: This tip is not so quirky as it is smart. Make sure your travel plans are shared with others. Have your medications stocked up as needed. Make sure your vehicle is up for the challenge of a road trip; perhaps even consider renting a car. Having a AAA membership in your back pocket for roadside assistance can provide peace of mind in case of an emergency. Being this prepared will make your mom proud. 
2.  Be healthy: Certainly enjoy the local cuisines (try a new type of food or restaurant at each stop!) and dabble in a few indulges while keeping the healthy snacks in rotation, too. Keeping your diet in balance will give you the energy to fully enjoy your time away. And while you are driving from location to location, make sure your body is getting the exercise it needs too – like taking stretch breaks and parking in places that are safe but also will allow you to walk a bit (need that cardio!) on your way to your destination. 
3.  Be spontaneous: I dare you ... go ahead and take that left turn. You know you want to check out the world’s largest ball of yarn! Might not be on your itinerary, but wouldn’t it make for a great memory later!? Take in the local culture to learn what makes the community special.  
4.  Be in the moment: Fight the temptation to only seeing the sights through the lens of your camera or cell phone. Your memories and “eye witness” accounts will be more memorable and special if you are directly experiencing the moment. Of course you can take some pictures. Just don’t make it all about the photos. Make the moment about you.  
5.   Be happy ... and have fun: Don’t let the traffic snarls, bad weather or missed turns put a damper your trip. Think of these challenges as just another chapter in your amazing road trip adventure!
Road trips are about new discoveries. During my recent road trip to Georgia, I learned many great things about their educational community and had fun meeting new education friends ... and eating peach salsa.
A club membership with the Meemic Foundation is also about new discoveries! Each quarter, club members can discover and enjoy new grant opportunities like our Scholastic book grant round. No surprising twists and turns with our grant applications either – they are simple to complete! And with our partnership with organizations like for school supplies, you will be able to try new items for your classroom at special pricing.
So come along and join us on our exciting journey to celebrate and give back to the educational communities we proudly serve!
Buckle up for safety... and fun!