The Enchanting Power of Joy

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January 15, 2020

By Pam Harlin, Meemic Foundation Director

Let’s talk about the power of joy.
I was reminded about it over the holidays. Looking at this photo of my grandkids – admit it, you can’t help but feel a bit of their joy. Such pure joy. It’s more than their anticipation of what goodies are on the other side of that wrapping paper (and yes, these kids are too excited to open gifts). But it truly is their joy brought on by the entire day – the entire  holiday season – that is so enchanting and captivating. 
Seeing and spending time with each other (they’re cousins), seeing their parents and grandparents enjoying each other, the smells of their favorite foods (“Homemade ‘bread rolls’ are all I want in life,” my grandson loudly declared when he arrived at the house), the jovial spirit in the air from traditional jokes and antics. I don’t want much this year – just pure joy. 
I hope you are enJOYing our monthly and quarterly grant opportunities! Last year was a record-breaker for The Meemic Foundation: the most new Club members added in one year, and the most grants ever awarded to our network of Club members! With more than 80,000 Club members now, The Meemic Foundation is joyful with the impact we are making in school districts and classrooms across our footprint.
We are so appreciative for all that you do. Look for The Meemic Foundation to continue to put joy in your classrooms throughout the coming days and months.
Have a tremendous year.