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January 8, 2019

By Pam Harlin, Meemic Foundation Director
I need to stay away from bookstores and the magazine aisle at my grocery store. 
Oh, they see me coming, for sure. Every holiday season I purchase like a gazillion (not a real number, but it sure feels like it was that many) cookbooks and food magazines. The photos of the “too perfect” food items on the covers are just so enticing, whether it’s a “sure to satisfy your sweet tooth” ganache-topped chocolate cake or an “I can’t pronounce it so it must be good” Scialatielli ai fruitti di mare (it’s basically a seafood pasta dish), I’m lured in like a fish on a hook.
I rush home to cozy up with my newly purchased books and magazines, sifting through the pages and imagining myself baking and cooking to create some over-the-top dish to perfection, of course. My mind is heavy with wonderful thoughts of the praises that will be bestowed on me once my family has indulged in my food masterpieces.
So why, then, do I end up every single year reaching for recipes that were shared with me by family and friends? I’m still coveting those fancy recipes found in my purchased books, but I come to realize that I will probably be more satisfied with the ones that have been “love-tested” by the people I know.
I find that I do the same thing at work, too. I love to read the various management and business books, but would prefer to learn from mentors and co-workers, taking their advice and guidance, over those offered by qualified professionals and talking-heads. And really, don’t we find that we tend to gravitate to information, referrals and counsel provided by our colleagues, family and friends in most everything that we do?
It’s with that in mind that The Meemic Foundation created a teacher-to-teacher resource library. We know that educators have lots of great tips and classroom strategies that they have utilized over the years, culled from their unique experiences and successes (and challenges).  Our convenient library (available to our Foundation Club Members) provides a platform for educators to share their personal ideas and advice to fellow colleagues through video clips, with a sprinkling of healthy tips and other gems from leading experts to tap into, as well.
Do you have a classroom tip to share? Let’s work together to ensure other educators can benefit from your experiences! Please let us know at
Bon appetit!