When It Comes to Winter Weather, Nature Knows

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February 13, 2019

By Pam Harlin, Meemic Foundation Director

The most popular conversation today? This weather! 
Every day seems to bring a different weather challenge. What do you use to determine what the weather will be like each day? Of course, there is the local meteorologist that you tune in to faithfully each morning.
But seriously, between you and me, what do you secretly look to for your weather inside tip? Are you a disciple of the Farmer’s Almanac? Or did you tune in on February 2 to Punxsutawney Phil and have already marked the calendar for an early spring this year?
What myths do you hinge your weather forecast on? Here are a few of my favorites:
It’s a squirrel world. You know that family of squirrels that happily jump from tree to tree to deck to roof to tree to ground to deck to tree … whew … anyway, those squirrels can apparently forecast many tell-tell signs of a cold and snowy winter. Have you noticed them gathering their acorns at a faster pace? (That’s a sign!) Or is their nest higher up in the trees than normal? (Another sign, or a desire for penthouse living!) And do you notice them breathing heavier as they run up to their penthouse nest because of the extra weight they added in preparation for a hard winter? (Time to hunker down! It’s the final sign!)  
Lazy cows may be the only sign you need. I always found this one quite humorous. Rest assured, that cow ain’t lazy; he’s simply getting ready for some rain. Supposedly, cows lie down to ensure there is a dry spot for them to weather the storm. Not sure why the cow just doesn’t head back to the barn. And if I’m getting wet from the rain, do I really care that the patch of grass under me is dry?  
That flock of sheep knows something. When you see sheep huddle together, they aren’t just sharing sheep secrets. It’s been said that they will gather close together to stay warm when they sense a snow storm is approaching. And with the pure warmth generated from sheep wool, you may likely find me in the middle of that flock.
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