An Ode to the Onesie – in All Its Forms

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December 13, 2018

By Pam Harlin, Meemic Foundation Director

What is it about a onesie that makes me so happy?!?  
I really love onesies. Of course, a baby cuddled in a cute little onesie is irresistible. But you can’t deny the comfort and convenience of slipping into your red buffalo print onesie after a long day at work and squishing up in a corner of your couch in your fluffy slippers. Simply heaven. 
The Oxford University Press dictionary defines the onesie as “a loose-fitting, one-piece leisure garment covering the torso and legs.” Maybe that is why I love them – free and easy. No fuss. No worries of looking for matching tops and bottoms. And they are very forgiving of that extra serving of holiday dessert. 
I’ve got love for my onesies. 
Or maybe it’s just that I love the simplicity of them. The conveniences of life that make our day better.   Here are the top three “onesies” in my life:
1. My food onesie – the microwave. I can remember the days of planning your dinner before you went to work as you needed time for the food to defrost. Today, my meal planning begins after I’m home from work and staring into my refrigerator and freezer. 
2. My car onesie - the GPS system. The glove compartment in my car used to be filled with poorly folded maps and written directions. Today, I jump in the car without a moment’s thought and simply enter the address of my designation, and with blind trust, let the satellite gods guide me.  
3. My work onesie - my smart phone. Of course, my cell phone, aka my third hand, would be in my top three. Some may debate me on this one and see this as a source of stress. Not me! Not only does this have the convenience of all communication methods (by phone, by text, by email – Paul Revere would be so jealous) to reach out to touch someone, all in this one device, there’s more! It’s also my entertainment portal, my life organizer, and my news and weather source. 
Onesies just make life ... better.   
Shouldn’t everything in our life be loose fitting, simple and easy? Well, you (yes, you) have told us that you want that with your grant applications, too – a quick and easier way to get resources for your classroom. Well we heard you! So here’s the tease: We are about to put a “onesie” on our grants! Look for our grant announcement on Jan. 2 to find out more!!
Now go put on your holiday onesie and enjoy this festive season with your family and friends!