12 Teachers Share Favorite Back-to-School Memories

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September 26, 2017

As part of The Meemic Foundation’s Back-to-School Grant application, educators were asked to share their favorite memory of returning to class in the fall. Some looked back to their childhoods, while others kept it more contemporary. Here are some of our favorites:
“My favorite back to school memory happens every year – I get a new bunch of students, and we get to start building our classroom family. The first day of school is magical. We get to learn about each other and our interests and our learning styles. It is a very important time in our year!”
Lauren R., Richfield, WI
“My favorite back-to-school memory is picking out a new lunch box in elementary school. We had the big, hard, plastic lunch boxes then with the stickers attached to the front with our favorite characters.”
Luke R., Marlette, MI
“My favorite back to school memory is from the begging of my fifth grade year. Our music teacher had the entire school compose a new school song to help build community and school spirit. It was such a great way to kick off the year. We all felt that we had contributed to something important, and the song helped set the tone for the rest of the year.”
Brian R., Chicago, IL
“My first day back to school as a teacher, in the high school I went to. I was in a classroom next to my high school teachers and working with them.”
Chad Z., Rochester, MI
 “My favorite back-to-school memory was being able to choose my new jeans by myself. I would pick rainbows on the pockets or anything with sparkles. I loved back-to-school shopping!”
Melissa P., Bloomingdale, MI
 “My favorite back to school memory is making our own kites in school. We could use whatever supplies we thought would work the best to make the kite fly. We worked on them for science class, math class, and art class. It was so awesome seeing how all those areas played a part in making a kite! We then attempted to fly them during our field day near the end of the year! Some were huge successes, while others could have used a bit more work. Mine was right in the middle. It didn't last in the air very long, but it at least made it off the ground! It was such a fun project from the beginning to the end!”
Amanda H., West Allis, WI
“My favorite back-to-school memory is when a student came into my class and said, ‘Wow, you were my sister's teacher, and she's really old! She's in 11th grade so you must have been teaching for a really long time!!!’ The look on that girl’s face was priceless. She was just simply astounded. I giggled and thought, ‘Well, I guess the math teacher has her work cut out for her.’”
Gena S., Menominee, MI
“Even today, this is still a favorite time for me: I am like a kid in a candy store and always have been when it comes to back-to-school shopping. When I was younger, my mom used to call me odd because most girls would get excited about back-to-school clothes. Not me, I was excited to go and get my new backpack, pencils, folders and all the necessities.”
Alex M., Millington, MI
 “I still remember my junior year Honors English class. My teacher made us read all the classics, including ‘A Catcher in the Rye,’ ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘Old Man and the Sea.’ Even though I complained back then, I still find this experience an important part of my decision to become a teacher.”
Amie L., Matteson, IL
“My favorite back-to-school memory is going to school with my mom to help set up her classroom when I was a grade school student. My mom taught first grade, so when it was time to set up her classroom for the year, she would take my siblings and me with her to help her carry things and organize her supplies. My favorite part was always setting up her classroom library. … Today, I don't find organizing my classroom nearly as fun as I did then, but the memory of finding and reading good books in my mom's class is still my favorite memory.”
Brian Z., Saginaw, MI
 “My bus driver (I lived in the country) would pick us up and call each of us by our names. When we came back to school, he would surprise every one of us with those little boxes of chocolates that had four pieces in. I gave him a hug and a kiss! I was in the third grade then, and he did this for Back to School, Easter and Christmas. We were proud to ride his bus because he told us he only picked up smart students for school!”
Connie A., Detroit, MI
“Last year, I had a former student approach me at the back-to-school barbecue the school holds each August. She gave me a hug and then introduced me to her younger sister. The little girl was beaming ear to ear and proudly announced, ‘I'm in YOUR class this year!’ As a relatively new teacher, it felt great to know that students look forward to being in my class.”
Rachel E., Kalamazoo, MI