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Honesty in the Class Can Bring You Closer to Your Students

September 21, 2021

Michigan Regional Teacher of the Year Heather French has made honesty the "theme" for school this year – and shares why. ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching

What's New for Fall at The Meemic Foundation

September 20, 2021

From grants to special events, The Meemic Foundation has had a busy year, and we’re excited to share the latest news with you! ...

Topic: Foundation, Member News Fall '21 Issue

A Vision for the Year: Understanding Our Students

September 13, 2021

2021-22 Michigan Teacher of the Year Leah Porter shares her ideas for the new school year, from owning your feelings to welcoming students back in a new way. ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching

Meet Michigan Teacher of the Year Leah Porter

August 10, 2021

Get to know Leah Porter, Michigan Teacher of the Year for 2021-22. The Holt teacher answers a few questions for us. ...

Topic: MTOY, Member News Fall '21 Issue

Avoid These 20 Passwords that Are Easily Hacked

July 12, 2021

If one of your online accounts is hacked, especially a financial one, you could see your bank accounts drained and your identity stolen. Look into identity theft protection with a Meemic homeowner's insurance policy. ...

Topic: Safety

10 Things Not to Leave in Your Car on Hot Days

June 24, 2021

Want to avoid a big mess -- or worse? Don't leave things like candy, pop, lighters or lipstick in your car under the hot sun. ...

Topic: Safety

Tips for Avoiding Dangerous – and Expensive – Kitchen Fires

June 21, 2021

The kitchen is one of the most common sources of home fires, and cooking fires are the most expensive to repair. Take steps to help make sure your home doesn't suffer. ...

Topic: Home, Safety, Member News Summer '21 Issue

Driving in Work Zones Takes Extra Caution

May 24, 2021

A stew of activity and unpredictability in road construction zones results in hundreds of fatal accidents. Here are some tips on avoiding them. ...

Topic: Auto, Safety

Address Attitude Gap and Stereotype Threat to Foster Growth

May 19, 2021

Michigan Regional Teacher of the Year Janine Scott talks two important factors in student growth: the Attitude Gap and Stereotype Threat. ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching

The Teachers’ Fight for Trans Youth

May 11, 2021

Michigan Teacher of the Year Owen Bondono shows the good teachers can do when they support their transgender students. ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching

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