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What Do I Do With This group? Behavior Management 101

November 22, 2017

Here are some strategies the Rising Teacher Leaders group at East Kentwood High School have come up with to help keep things on track in the classroom. ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching

7 Things Teachers Should Have Prepared for Emergencies

October 20, 2017

To help teachers stay one step ahead, here is a list of the top seven things educators should keep in their classrooms for unexpected emergencies. ...

Topic: Safety

Swap Out the Training Wheels in Education for More Balance

October 17, 2017

Where are we still using the familiar training wheels in education, when a better balance bike approach is available? ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching

12 Teachers Share Favorite Back-to-School Memories

September 26, 2017

Teachers share their favorite memory of returning to class in the fall. Some look back to their childhoods, while others keep it more contemporary. ...

Topic: Teaching

Do's and Don'ts of Child Car Seat Safety

September 21, 2017

Did you know that improperly installed car seats are a huge danger to your child? We teamed with officer Brian Miller of the Auburn Hills Police Department to learn about car seat safety. ...

Topic: Auto, Safety, Education

New School Year Means New Goals

September 19, 2017

At the beginning of every school year, MTOY Luke Wilcox writes out goals for the year on a notecard, and then references it several times throughout the year to reflect. ...

Topic: MTOY, Foundation

5 Big Tips for Back-to-School Safety

August 24, 2017

As summer draws to a close and children start heading back to school, family life can get pretty hectic. Here are some key tips that will help keep them safe and healthy throughout the school year. ...

Topic: Safety

Jedi Master Teacher - A Venn Diagram

August 21, 2017

Experience has taught me that in order to be a Jedi Master Teacher, knowing my subject isn't enough. I need to motivate and inspire my students. ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching

Meet Luke Wilcox, Michigan's New Teacher of the Year

August 14, 2017

We talked with Luke Wilcox, Michigan’s Teacher of the Year for 2017-18, about his teaching experience and what his goals are for the coming school year. ...

Topic: MTOY

Teachers Ready to Head Back to Class

August 7, 2017

When Foundation Club Members applied for one of our back-to-school grants, we asked, “What are you looking forward to the most with the new school year?” We got almost 7,000 responses. ...

Topic: Foundation

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