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5 Ways to Reduce Your Homeowners Insurance – and More

January 6, 2021

Everybody wants to save money on their insurance premiums. Here are some ways many homeowners don’t know about. ...

Topic: Member News, Home, Insurance, Member News Spring '21 Issue

Foundation Update: Students Tackle COVID and Other Issues in Poetry Event

January 6, 2021

Get the latest updates from The Meemic Foundation, including our Masterpieces Poetry Celebration Event, the return of the Fore! Education golf outing fundraiser and more. ...

Topic: Member News, Foundation, Member News Spring '21 Issue

How Rear AEB Technology Puts the Brakes on Fender Benders

January 6, 2021

Advanced safety systems are being unveiled every day in the auto industry that can prevent those types of accidents and make our roads safer for all users. See which ones work. ...


Topic: Member News, Auto, Safety, Member News Spring '21 Issue

WPOY Shares the 6 Ideas that Keep Her School Strong

January 6, 2021

Wisconsin Elementary School Principal of the Year Janna Cochrane shares her six favorite mantras to connect as a leader in your school. ...

Topic: Member News, Teaching, Member News Spring '21 Issue

Past Illinois Teachers of the Year on What the Award Meant

January 6, 2021

We look back at what some of the past Illinois Teachers of the Year have shared with us about the profound effect the title has on them and how they strive to do their best to honor it. ...

Topic: Member News, Teaching, Member News Spring '21 Issue

Forward-Collision Warning, Adaptive Headlights Show Promise

January 5, 2021

A recent study by the Highway Loss Data Institute analyzed a number of crash-avoidance technologies and ranked them based on how well they perform. ...

Topic: Auto, Safety

Why I Teach and What Motivated Me to Become a Teacher

December 29, 2020

Middle school teacher Mike Lerchenfeldt shares his thoughts on a highly rewarding and fulfilling profession. ...

Topic: Teaching

That Was Then, This Is Now: Changes to Teaching Keep Passion Growing

December 14, 2020

Michigan Regional Teacher of the Year Barb Huston reflects on how things have changed – and stayed the same in great ways – since she started teaching. ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching

Tips for Building LGBTQ+ Inclusive Schools

December 7, 2020

Michigan Teacher of the Year Owen Bondono says every educator has a role to play in providing these students with a welcoming space to learn and grow. ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching

Meeting the Social-Emotional Needs of Students & Teachers

November 17, 2020

Regional Teacher of the Year Shantel VanderGalien shares ideas and resources for showing students hope, gratitude and more in the "new normal." ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching

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