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The Need to Support Teachers and Staff Grows More Urgent

February 8, 2022

Michigan Teacher of the Year Leah Porter looks at the constantly fluctuating life of a teacher these days and offers a sliver of light and some ideas to give teachers the support they need. ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching

Tina Miller Talks Winning Elementary Principal of the Year

January 31, 2022

Wisconsin Elementary Principal of the Year Tina Miller shares how winning the award has affected her career and introduced her to a network of inspiring educators. ...

Topic: Member News, Education, Member News Winter '22 Issue

6 Ways to Help Reduce the Cost of Insuring Your Teen Driver

January 31, 2022

While teenagers react with glee when they get their driver’s license, for parents, it is a time of angst and the specter of higher auto insurance premiums. Here are some ways to save. ...

Topic: Member News, Auto, Insurance, Member News Winter '22 Issue

Smart Home Sensors Can Help Save You from Calamity

January 19, 2022

Thanks to a number of smart sensors that can alert your phone if something is amiss, you can greatly reduce the damage some problems can cause. ...

Topic: Member News, Home, Member News Winter '22 Issue

Retrospect and Resolutions for 2022

January 14, 2022

Michigan Regional Teacher of the Year Janet Swarthout looks back and 2021 and proposes some teacher resolutions for 2022. ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching

Gratitude in the Midst of Our Challenges

January 14, 2022

Illinois Teacher of the Year Justin Johnson thanks his fellow teachers for caring and working to fulfill the needs of all students during a challenging year. ...

Topic: Member News, Teaching, Member News Winter '22 Issue

Planting the Seeds of Leadership Helps Students in Life

January 11, 2022

Michigan Teacher of the Year Leah Porter says teachers have the opportunity every day to plant the seeds of possibility with students. ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching

A Chance to Say Thanks

December 14, 2021

Michigan Regional Teacher of the Year Cheldora Haynes takes a moment to say thank you to those in our school community. ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching

Bringing Humanity to Our Relationships with Families

December 7, 2021

For Michigan Teacher of the Year Leah Porter, a small moment of kindness set the foundation in how she builds relationships and fosters partnerships with families. ...

Topic: MTOY, Teaching, Member News Winter '22 Issue

Top 10 Vehicle Technologies for Mature Drivers

December 6, 2021

Researchers have been collecting data for more than a decade, and they have identified which technologies are the most beneficial options for mature drivers.

Topic: Auto, Safety

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