Tools to build and launch water rockets

Educator Name: Robert Wright
School Name: Edwardsburg Middle school

I would like to purchase the tools to have my students design, construct, and launch water rockets. Students will also be able to calculate the height and distance their rockets fly. At the conclusion of our unit we will launch a weather balloon, camera, and GPS unit to study weather patterns and to touch the edge of space.

I believe that a hands-on / minds-on classroom engages every student by teaching using multiple intelligences. Prior, during, and after learning about rockets, students will be able to actually put their learning to the test.

All students in my class will be able to see their learning come to life with the rockets. Problem solving skills will be used for the entire project. The entire school will benefit from the excitement of science and seeing the footage from space.

All students demand to be taught in an exciting way. My full inclusion students appreciate a chance to show what they can do outside of the textbook. I believe that I will be able to spark excitement in younger students as see what we are doing and watch the footage of the flights.