Telescope for astronomical observations

Educator Name: Timothy Nawrocki
School Name: West Catholic High School

I would like to introduce night time astronomical observations to my integrated science course. I would like a telescope that can track objects like Saturn and especially Jupiter to view the Galilean moons. Additionally, with the Moon you would be able to view the highlands and maria. Also with a scope of the size that I would like I would be able to view Uranus and Neptune and with a solar filter we could view sunspots during the day.

It will give students first hand experience in making night observations. This is an experience that very few people are able to experience. I have done something similar at the college level and I believe that students will leave with a sense of wonder of all of the things that are out there in space.

I anticipate students coming out of the class with less of a sense of mystery about astronomy and more of a sense of awe. When you realize our place in the universe and just how small we are, that is when you are hooked.