Technology upgrades to help run the "Popcorn Company" with the special education department

Educator Name: Sandra Baker
School Name: Spring Lake High School

I would like to improve the business that we started at Spring Lake High School - The Laker Popcorn Company. We provide popcorn to our student body one day a week. We need to purchase a new popcorn machine and uniforms (shirts, hats, aprons) for our company. We would love to have a cash register as well! We need a sign, oil, popcorn, salt, seasonings, bags, dish soap, wash clothes and towels. My students will be responsible for running the company - counting the cashbox, cleanng the machine, bagging and selling the popcorn, taking inventory of the product, charting sales, discussing ways to improve our sales and customer service. We connect with our general education peers by serving popcorn! They see us in a different light when we are selling a product to them. Otherwise, it is quite common that the student body sees us with some fear in their eyes. Selling this product is not only a HUGE social event for all involved...but it gives my students the chance to engage in several life skills - counting money, preparing for a sale, cleaning up after the sale, charting profit/loss, engaging in conversation with other groups to offer tickets to events in our bags, discussing employabiity skills and how we can improve customer service! Increased sales = more profit for the students to plan other events with the money made. Integration of my students into the social arena of the general education students!

I anticipate that this project will result in increased understanding of the basic needs of plants and how plants respond to both internal and external cues in the environment. I also anticipate that bullying incidents on our playground and on our busses will be reduced dramatically as bonds are strengthened among our students.