Shirts for the "Leaders Program" that will involve incoming 6th grade students

Educator Name: Christine Voice
School Name: Franklin Middle School

This program will serve all incoming 6th grade students as well as target 50- 8th grade students as student 'Leaders.' The 8th grade students will be trained through orientation and serve as a mentor Leader to 5 incoming 6th graders. Through this pairing, all incoming 6th grade students will have an 8th grade Leader to help them learn things about the transition, receieve a tour of the school, support in choosing and finding classes, and other insight the students may need. The 8th graders will also help to organize activities throughout the year, which may include things like a visit to our high school football game. Leaders will be responsible for contacting and inviting their 6th grade partners to attend these events and activities. Through peer-mentor programs, we are hoping to increase student engagement and participation at Franklin Middle School.

There is a high demand to increase student engagement from the elementary to middle school transition. Many students tend to exhibit a decrease in attendance, classroom participation, and academic reports. While there is currently support programs for the transition into high school, our school is in great need for middle school transition support. In past middle school transition activites, our school has had very low 6th grade participation. This program would allow for each 6th grade student to be included in transition activities as part of school day and out of school time.

This program will target all incoming 6th grade students. Extended support will be given to students that have displayed disengagement in prior school years through poor attendance or those recommended by student services or teacher referrals. Highly engaged grade students will be recruited to serve as leaders, as demonstrated through co-curricular involvement, high academic marks, or an attendance rate of 90% or better. This program will be directed by Franklin Middle School's school social worker and school counselor with support from other student service and administrative staff.