Second Step Program

Educator Name: Steffany Predosa
School Name: Constantine Public Schools

I am a school counselor working in two Elementary Schools. I provide small psychoeducational groups to our students, who live in a highly economically depressed area. My students are often tired, highly nomadic (moving from home to home throughout the year) and distracted by other circumstances. My program serves to help prevent some of the issues that student's might bring into the classroom, like acting out, depression, apathy, and violence. I am working with a partial curriculum from the Second Step Program, an evidence-based, proven curriculum for anti-violence and emotional awareness education. The curriculum materials I have are outdated, created in the nineties, and I only have second grade and fourth grade materials. I have to adapt the curriculum for my entire K-5 student body. I am looking for the $1500.00 to purchase the K-5 Lesson curriculum.

I provide small psychoeducational groups to roughly fifteen percent of each school's population. Those students can typically be the most distracting in class when they have no outlet for their emotions. My groups have lowered the amount of outbursts and the need for classroom discipline for most of these students. This early intervention has given classroom teachers a new resource, as well as more effective instruction time, with fewer distractions. My ability to continue with this curriculum depends on my ability to update the materials so that they stay relevant to my student body.

Not only do the students that participate in the small groups benefit, but their classmates as well. The students who are a part of these small groups learn valuable lessons in self-control, anger management and communication. Their classmates benefit from the improved behavior of those participants. Further, by reducing the number of outbursts in class, the teacher is allowed to use his or her time more effectively, on instruction, not discipline.