"Poetic Picnic" program

Educator Name: Janis Shannon
School Name: Davis Middle School

The program I would like funding for is called Poetry Picnic. The goal is to give students hands on activities with various types of poetry examples and time to explore the poetry collaborating with other students. A picnic theme atmosphere is set up in the library. There are a minimum of twelve stations that students can rotate through engaging in the various poetry activities using books, art and technology. Also with directions at each station students can work independently.

This program introduces the various genre of poetry supporting the classroom curriculum aligned with the curriculum core. It will also broaden the student's view of poetry and will entice them to enjoy writing poetry which is another English language genre.

The student will benefit by learning different frameworks of poetry and can be interested and successful with writing their own poems. Students will see the fun side of poetry and may be enticed to write their own poems.

A Pre and Post survey of students knowledge of poetry will be given. The anticipation is that all students will write or try writing the many styles of poetry presented to them while having fun. The poems the students write will be displayed for all students, staff and family members to enjoy in the building and in the community. We will also measure the outcome by the surveys.