Podcast Technology

Educator Name: Lewis Smith III
School Name: Romulus Elementary School

Romulus has many Veterans who have served and many young men and women currently serving our country . Our program will highlight these individuals and their service by incorporating them into our lessons on the core democratic values. We will create instructional lessons for lower elementary students authored and taught by upper elementary students and shared across the Internet with serving military members and their families. Each month, students will edit, create and publish a podcast focusing upon one of the Core democratic values demonstrated by our military veterans as liaisons. The lessons will be shared in classrooms and highlighted on the district's main web page to gain attention and notice for the sacrifice of our veterans and their families.

Core democratic values are difficult to teach without a personal connections. By involving the veterans and service members in the storytelling and planning for demonstration through short scripted plays and re-enactments, the student will gain a more concrete understanding of what these core values mean as American citizens, and will better see themselves as capable of achieving what these local heroes have demonstrated.

Students will become more invested in the curriculum through active participation and the desire to gain attention from friends and family viewing on the Internet. The students will also gain a sense of American pride and patriotism through the project and see their efforts as part of giving back to their own communities through education.

Students will become better citizens, aware of their rights, and the cost of those rights which others have sacrificed to maintain. Students will hold veterans in higher regard, and thank them for their service by truly understanding the meaning of sacrifice and the bravery needed to protect American Core Democratic Values. Students will also be able to identify similarities between the actions of patriots and equal rights advocates who have fought for these values throughout our history.

Students will improve their writing, reading, and social studies scores on both local and state assessments requiring them to take a stand on issues and defend them from an informed position. Students will also increase their research and organizational skills assessed on standardized tests through the design, planning and shooting sequences of the podcast. While the state has no technology standards assessments in place, the students will be able to meet the national criteria for media production and be aware of the rights and regulations associated with publishing digital media.