Language class implementation of iPad technology

Educator Name: Heather Crewes
School Name: West Bloomfield High School

Ipads give students hands-on learning and access to the whole world. There are many amazing applications for Spanish language acquisition and the Skype/Facetime application allows real time face-to-face conversations. I would like to purchase Ipads so that students will be able to Skype/Facetime other language classrooms in our building, in our district, and other school districts. We will also have "epals" with an English class in Madrid, Spain. This will allow our students to have an authentic connection to use and practice their language skills. The students will also be able to see the relevance and importance of acquiring another language while applying their knowledge of Spanish. They will hopefully make some new friends both locally and internationally.

The ability to have authentic conversations with both non-native and native Spanish speakers will dramatically enhance classroom instruction. Students will be able to practice all the concepts they are leaning in a live and authentic way. They will also be able to hear and discuss first hand the cultural information that we discuss in the classroom. They will have the opportunity to build connections and friendships with people from a different cultural backgrounds.

The students will benefit both academically and personally from the Ipads. First, they will be able to strengthen their skills with the Spanish applications. Secondly, the opportunity to speak the language with other people will dramatically increase their fluency. With expanding classroom sizes, it is impossible to speak in the target language everyday with every student. Facetime will grant students this opportunity.

I anticipate an increased love for the Spanish language. I also believe student's speed of language acquisition will dramatically increase, hence improving overall fluency and grades. I also anticipate an improved acceptance and interest in other cultures. I truly believe students will absolutely look forward coming to Spanish class everyday!