K-4 Monetary Appreciation Program

Educator Name: Sister Kathleen Stafford
School Name: Christ the King School

A "Store" for students in Grades Kindergarten through Four. Students will receive play money as an allowance and as a reward for positive classroom behaviors. They will use this money to purchase items that are of interest to them. Students do not have opportunities to make connections between money and purchases. In the past, students received an allowance and walked to neighborhood stores to purchase "penny" candy or other items that they saved for. It is not safe today for children to walk on the city streets to go to local stores. Most of our students today experience purchases when they shop with parents, and ask for something. If their parents say yes, the item goes on the conveyor belt and the parents pay for it. Money from the grant would be used to purchase items for the students to purchase.

Students will have a better understanding of money. They will be able to make a connection between money and purchases. They will learn that in order to purchase more expensive items that they need to save. Students in grades 3 & 4 will keep a bank book to track of their assets.

Students will have the opportunity to handle money. They will need to be responsible to care for their money. They will hear the proper counting out of change. They will make choices of items to buy and make decisions about making immediate purchases or saving for a more valuable item.