Items to help bring an existing frog pond to a useable state

Educator Name: Sue Peterson
School Name: Summit Environmental School

As a newly formed Environmental School, Summit staff are excited about the opportunity to integrate our curriculum with the school's seven outdoor environmental zones. Each zone will bring new, expanded and hands-on learning opportunities to the students of Summit Environmental School. The school's Frog Pond is one of the identified environmental zones and provides an opportunity for an outdoor classroom where students can take and study water samples, observe wildlife, track the lifecycle of various microorganisms and study frog life. To date, the programming and opportunities for use of the frog pond are a dream. We are currently writing curriculum to utilize the pond. However, updates and supplies are needed to make the use of the pond a reality, effective for teaching and safe for students.

We are currently partnering with an environmental education consultant to write lessons. Throughout this process the team has identified the following needs: 1. The installation of a dock at the pond that would allow students to safely enter and exit the pond when collecting water samples. 2. The clearing of a walking path around the perimeter of the pond to allow classes and the community to walk around the pond as well as observe pond life in various places. 3. The development of an outdoor classroom where teachers can meet with students and provide an overview of a daily lesson as well as space where students can work in teams, study water samples and complete activities. The school's Outdoor Education Committee, comprised of administration, teachers, parents, students and community experts have developed a detailed plan for the development of each of the three items to make the Frog Pond an effective educational space.