Including the book "Harvesting Hope" about Cesar Chavez to help teach tolerance

Educator Name: Angela Bougher
School Name: Sheboygan Falls Middle School

To purchase the book Harvesting Hope on the life and story of Cesar Chavez for the cross curricular Teaching Tolerance Unit in 8th grade. The 8th grade team teaches a Tolerance Unit in the second half of the 8th grade school year. This will be the first time Spanish class joins the other teachers and also teaches about tolerance at the same time. Students will feel the full impact of this unit. The 8th grade Social Studies teachers will include Cesar Chavez in their review of influential Americans who have overcome or fought against intolerance as well.

The book is illustrated by the Latina artist Yuyi Morales. The images bring the story to life by focusing on Hispanic life and culture. The story will be read in Spanish class with discussions about the Spanish vocabulary used in the story and the specific images used in the book. For example, on the march, people are carrying the Mexican Flag as well as the American Flag. People are carrying images of La Virgen de Guadlupe. These cultural symbols will be discussed in the context of the story on tolerance.

The students will be immersed in the discussion of tolerance. Students will investigate the life Cesar Chavez, one of America's most inspiring civil rights leaders. They will also be exposed to another perspective on migrant workers, both legal and illegal opening a discussion on universal rights, immigration and what it means to be an American.

There is a high student demand for ways to combat bullying and intolerance. It is important to teach tolerance in all subject areas, especially foreign language. The book is written in English with a few Spanish words sprinkeled in. Therefore, the reading specialist teacher will co-teach with the Spanish teacher and incorporate reading strategies to help the students better comprehend what they are reading. There is also a student demand for improved reading and literacy skills in the English language.

The big goal is to reduce bullying. To create an environment of acceptance of those that are different or those that do not speak English as a first language. Also to discuss the multiple perspectives on civil rights.