H2O White Lake

Educator Name: Susan Tate
School Name: Whitehall Middle School

This project--H20 (Healthy Habitats On) White Lake--is part of an ongoing partnership between our 8th grade science class and various community partners to identify and mitigate nutrient pollution into the White Lake watershed. With grant money from the MEEMIC Foundation, my students can use Pasco software and probeware, in conjuction with an app downloaded onto two new ipads to collect accurate, dependable data in the field to share with our community partners. This data will be used to create an action plan to address pollution problems and educate the community about stormwater runoff and related issues. 
This project will enhance classroom instruction in a number of ways. I have found that offering students opportunities to participate in stewardship work within their own community creates a real excitement for learning. Students who are often low-performing in a traditional classroom setting usually come alive when performing hands-on work in the field. This type of environmental work really levels the playing field and gives all students the chance to feel successful. Additionally, using technology like this in my classroom and in the field allows me to differentiate my instruction and offer an opportunity for technologically-motivated kids to create independent projects such as designing watershed apps for the ipad.